Transport Art Ideas for Road Safety Week

To celebrate Road Safety Week I’m sharing some transport art ideas for kids.

You can try the art ideas at home with your children. There are some great resources available from Brake, as part of road safety week. You can use them to help you talk to your children about staying safe, whilst doing the art activities. THINK! have also released some new videos to help teach your children to ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think.’

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Cardboard box vehicles

One of the art activities my kids love most is creating something out of a large box! I love that boxes can be anything e.g. a plane, a castle, a rocket, a train, a pirate ship, or a car. It’s fascinating to watch children act out role plays using their creation and see where their imaginations take them.

If your child is younger and just wants to decorate a fab sit-in car, complete with windshield, get some step-by-step instructions from


Vehicle Edible Sensory Bin

This sensory bin idea is really simple, but will keep your little ones entertained whilst you chat to them about road safety. 
I used some sand play toys for this, but any construction toys would work well. The dirt is made by mixing flour and cocoa, then adding oil at a ratio of 8:1 e.g. 8 cups of flour and cocoa mixture, to 1 cup of oil. Mix it together with your hands.
I used cocoa pops as stones. You could add other cereal e.g. rice krispie stones, golden nuggets as larger rocks, or mini weetabix as building bricks.
I tend to prefer to use food items in my sensory bins as despite my youngest now being three, she still puts everything in her mouth! I know that some people prefer to use non-food sensory bin fillers due to concerns over food waste. If you wanted to use a non food alternative you could use sand, beads and building blocks.


Train/Car Ramp

This one is lots of fun and really easy to setup. You set up a ramp. To do this I lean a piece of cardboard from an old cardboard box against an upturned plastic box or a chair seat. I usually fit the bottom end of the cardboard ramp into a plastic box, so that it catches the painty vehicles. You can put paper on top of your cardboard ramp, or just use it without.

Squirt some paint across the top of the ramp, then let your trains, cars and trucks race down the ramp through the paint!


Painting with Cars

Painting with cars is one of my favourite activities! It’s so easy to setup and there’s something very pleasing about driving cars through paint and making patterns with them!
You just set out some paint on a plate, some cars and some paper. I like using black paint to make ‘roads’ with the car wheel tracks. You could have some red, orange and green paint too and use bottle lids to print ‘traffic lights’ on the paper.
If you like painting with cars take a look at the Squidgydoodle Holiday Fun Craft Box. Going on a ‘road trip’ is one of 4 art and sensory activities included in the box.


Junk Model Vehicles

My kids love junk modelling and vehicles are great fun to make, plus you’re upcycling so you can feel good about yourself too!

The fab thing about junk modelling is that your little ones can really use their imaginations. They also have to use their problem solving skills to work out just how to get the plastic lid ‘wheel’ to stick onto the plastic bottle!

Boxes, bottles, lids, pipecleaners, glue, tape, paint, coloured paper, straws, lollipop sticks etc are all useful junk modelling items. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything though, just set out what you have and see what your little one creates.

If you’re looking for inspiration, I love the egg box vehicles from Wonderbly.

You might also like my blog post ‘6 Benefits of Junk Modelling: Surely it’s just rubbish?


Playdough Cars

In this activity you create playdough cars and people. You can make playdough at home, or use shop bought playdough. Why not add some buttons and lids to use as car wheels and steering wheels? You could also make a cardboard road out of an old box. If you have a gingerbread man cutter you could use it to make people, or just roll balls for the head and body and sausages for arms and legs.
Here’s a colouring sheet about holding hands when crossing the road from Brake the Road Safety Charity.


STEM Vehicles That Go

These are trickier than the other transport art ideas, so you’ll need to work together.

Little Bins for Little Hands has put together a great round-up of vehicles which you can create which move! If you make any I’d love to see a video!

Don’t forget that there are resources on the Road Safety Week and THINK! websites to help you talk to your kids about road safety, whilst doing the transport art ideas.

For more art ideas, make sure you’ve signed up to my e-newsletter. If you try any of the activities I’d love to see your photos. Just tag @squidgydoodle on Facebook or Instagram, or send me a photo by email.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the transport art ideas!

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