7 reasons to buy a Squidgydoodle Craft Box

Why should you buy a Squidgydoodle craft box?

Fun and imaginative

These are no ordinary craft boxes! Time spent creating, becomes happy memories. Squidgydoodle crafts, turn into role play toys, sparking imaginations and continuing the adventure long after the creating has finished.

The kids later spent the rest of the day running around as superheroes and raiding the dressing up box to complete their costumes. – The Bear & The Fox Blog

With a Squidgydoodle craft box you could be a superhero for the day, splat painting baddies and saving people from slime! Or discover a land of unicorns and rainbows, drip painting a unicorn with rainbow rain. You might find yourself digging for worms, or painting with an ice lolly. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s all about discovering, exploring and creating.

Most importantly, the children had a massive amount of fun completing the craft activities. They were incredibly proud of their creations too (and rightly so!) – SEN Resources Blog

Hassle free

Parents say that they’re put off doing arts and crafts with their children because of the time taken to get setup, not having everything they need, or not being able to think of something to do.

Do you spend more time searching for the paint than you do on the art activity, only to discover it’s dried out? Squidgydoodle craft boxes contain everything you need for 4 themed art and sensory activities.

The craft boxes include fun, varied activities, designed to encourage children’s imaginations and sense of curiosity. They might include a process art activity to capture their sense of wonder, a collage to spark creativity, an art technique to develop their skills and a sensory activity to excite their senses.

No trawling Pinterest for new ideas to keep your craft mad child happy, no finding out you’ve run out of paint. Just 4 great crafts all in one box with clear instructions. – The Ladybirds’ Adventures Blog


Research has shown that kids learn best when they’re having fun.  Squidgydoodle craft boxes combine art and sensory activities, which are carefully designed to develop key skills.

I loved that, without the kids realising, they were developing a whole range of skills whilst completing these crafts. – SEN Resources Blog

Squidgydoodle craft boxes:

  • Encourage creative thinking
  • Develop self expression
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Aid problem solving skills
  • Build self confidence
  • Create neural connections
  • Provide stress relief
  • Build concentration
  • Develop STEAM skills

Letter box friendly

As a mum I know it’s a pain when you have to go to the delivery office to collect something with kids in tow! Plus that means you have to wait for the fun to start and we don’t want that! Don’t panic, as you don’t even need to be at home to receive your craft box, it’s letter box friendly.

The box fits through the letterbox, so no need to stay in waiting for the parcel. – Bear & Cardigan Blog


Do you remember the excitement of being a child and receiving post addressed to you? Imagine your child’s delight when a Squidgydoodle craft box, packed full of fun, arrives on the doormat with their name on it! A Squidgydoodle craft box can be personally addressed to your child, or someone else’s child, if you’re sending it as a gift.

A unique, creative, gift

Looking for a birthday gift? A get well soon present? A school holiday gift? A rainy day gift? Give the gift of imagination with a Squidgydoodle craft box. It can be sent direct to a different address. Perfect for when you’re buying a last minute gift! Just add the recipient’s details at the checkout.

I love giving Squidgydoodle craft boxes as birthday gifts. Kids often have too many toys and you don’t know what they’ve already got. Squidgydoodle craft boxes are fun and unique. – Sharon

Good value for money

Squidgydoodle craft boxes are £12 and contain 4 activities . So that’s only £3 per activity, including all the materials you need. They also include FREE SHIPPING! Lots of people have commented that there is so much to do in the craft box that they’ve split the activities out over several days.

We loved this box, there was so much to do. I took the contents out of the box and they kept on coming. – Bear & Cardigan Blog

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to my craft box shop and buy one now.

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