Rainbow party ideas for your child’s special day

Rainbow party ideas

Take your guests on a magical technicolour journey with these rainbow party ideas.

Rainbow party food

  • Make rainbow fruit skewers. They’re quick to make, look great and are a healthy party food option.
  • These rainbow pitta pizzas look amazing. If you’re running the party at home and are worried about which toppings people will like, you could let them add their own as one of the party activities.
  • Rainbow jelly – Layer different coloured jelly in clear cups. I remember having rainbow jelly at parties as a child.
  • Make a striped rainbow cake
  • If you’ve bought a Squidgydoodle Party Box and suddenly have loads of time on your hands, you could make this amazing Rainbow pasta with all natural colours!

For more Rainbow Party Food ideas take a look at my Pinterest Board

Rainbow party decorations

Rainbow party activities


If the thought of searching Pinterest for hours for rainbow party ideas and planning all the activities makes you groan, you can buy a Squidgydoodle Rainbow Party Box. It will save you time, cost you a lot less than a hosted party and lets you create a magical, creative party for your child without the hassle.

Your child and their friends will help bring calm back to the Land of Squidgydoodle. There’s been a storm and the rainbow has lost all its colours! They’ll work together to create a giant rainbow, create their own rainbow pasta necklaces and rainbow crowns. Then search for hidden treasure in rainbow slime.

You also receive all the materials that you need to complete the arty activities. So you won’t need to trawl the shops looking for supplies. The party box also includes rainbow themed party game ideas too.

When you place an order you receive a printable invitation and thank you notelets are included in the Party Box too. It’s party planning made easy! You could also buy a Squidgydoodle T-shirt for the party child to wear on their special day.

Rainbow party games

Rainbow Relay

Split into 2 teams. Place 2 bowls of coloured pom poms or skittles at one side of the room. Place 2 empty bowls at the other side of the room. Give each team a spoon.

The object of this game is for players to use the spoon to transfer the rainbow pom poms or sweets from the full bowl to the empty one. This is done by teammates in relay-race style. The first team to fill their bowl wins.

Pin the cloud on the rainbow

Each child tries to pin their cloud the closest to the end of the rainbow. The winner is the closest.

Rainbow tennis

Blow up lots of coloured balloons. Use flyswatters, or paper plates onto spoons or lolly sticks. Mark a line in the floor using masking tape. Split into 2 teams. Teams have to hit as many balloons into the other team’s area as they can before the time stops. Plays can hit them back, but must use their tennis rackets. Count the balloons on each side at the end of the time. The team with the least balloons on their side wins.

Rainbow Limbo

Attach rainbow coloured streamers to a pole, trimming them so that they are not too long. 2 people hold the pole whilst children try to limbo under the pole. Gradually lower the pole until you are left with a winner.

I hope you like these rainbow party ideas. If you’ve run a rainbow party before, or have any other ideas I’d love to hear about them, so please comment below.


Cover photo: Designed by Valeria_aksakova

Lucy At Home UK parenting blogger


  • Tracy Albiero Posted September 7, 2018 10:22 pm

    So much color! This is great. #blogcrush

  • Lucy At Home Posted September 13, 2018 9:00 am

    I like the rainbow tennis idea. I run a kid’s club and I think this would be a game they really enjoy (and what an easy idea to make rackets out of lollipop sticks and paper plates!). #blogcrush

    • Debbie Denyer Posted September 14, 2018 12:02 pm

      Thanks Lucy. It’s a great idea to try it at your kid’s club. I hope they have fun.

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