In a pumpkin panic? Last minute pumpkin decorating ideas

Are you in a pumpkin panic? Halloween is here and you’ve not carved a pumpkin yet.  Don’t panic, I’ve got some last minute pumpkin decorating ideas so you can redeem your title of super parent.

If you can’t face spending hours scooping out pumpkin flesh, whilst your child nags you about when it’s going to be ready don’t worry. These no carve pumpkin ideas mean you don’t have to.

Or if you’ve forgotten to buy a pumpkin and have now discovered that the only pumpkins left in the shops are smaller than the oranges in your fruit bowl, I have just the pumpkin decorating ideas for you.

Drip painted pumpkin idea

What child could not delight in the opportunity to squirt paint to their hearts content? This is this quick and easy pumpkin decorating technique requires literally no effort on your behalf.

  • To ensure that the clear up doesn’t take longer than the decorating I suggest that you give your child a tray or a plate to work on. Otherwise you may find that they have upcycled your table!
  • Provide a pumpkin, any size will do.
  • Provide paint to squirt, any colour will do.
  • Let your child squirt paint at the top of the pumpkin then wiggle it to let it ooze down the sides.
  • That’s it!

Pumpkin spider idea

These work really well with the mini pumpkins and if you can’t find any pumpkins at all I’m sure an orange would work just fine too!

  • Use a pencil to poke holes into the pumpkins before pushing the pipe-cleaner legs in.
  • Our googly eyes weren’t sticky enough so we used a hot glue gun to attach them.
  • You could cut the top out of the pumpkin and rest a tea light in it, but we liked them as they are and wanted to avoid carving!


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