What is Pointillism?

Pointillism is a painting technique developed by French Neo-Impressionist painter, Georges Seurat. It involves using small, painted dots to create areas of colour, without mixing the paint. When you stand a distance away, the dots seem to blend in into the desired colour to form a pattern or picture. It’s a fun technique for children to try.

How to paint Pointillism like Seurat

Draw anything you like, then squeeze a little bit of each paint colour that you think you will need. Use cotton buds/Q-tips to paint your drawing.  Don’t mix the colours!  For example, if you need to make purple, use blue and red dots next to each other.

Stand back and look at your picture. Do the colours blend together to form the colours you thought they would? Why don’t you play around with different colours to see what happens? If you want to make a lighter area add white dots in between the coloured dots. For a darker area add black dots in between the coloured dots.

You could try using different tools to see the effect it has.

  • Go small – Use a Q-tip / cotton bud, a pencil eraser, or a wax crayon with a melted tip
  • Go large – Use your fingerprint, a dot-a-dot marker, a cotton ball with a peg attached to it, a cut carrot, or potato!
  • Can you find anything else you could use?

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What are the benefits of cotton bud painting?

Cotton bud painting is great for:

  • Developing fine motor skills and pincer grip
  • Aids concentration
  • Artistic appreciation
  • Understanding of colour mixing
  • Opportunity to use new tools
  • Spatial awareness

Find out more about Pointillism

If you want to know more about Pointillism, or Georges Seurat check out these links:

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Ducksters.com A child friendly history of Georges Seurat

Tate biography of Georges Seurat

Or you could create a Jackson Pollock style painting using a garden swing or paint filled water pistols.  

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