Are you stressed about planning your kid’s birthday party?

Are you stressed about planning your kid’s birthday party?

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It’s nearly your child’s special day and you want it to be perfect. There’s so much to organise, you don’t know where to start. You haven’t got the time to search through Pinterest for kids birthday party ideas, or scour the shops for party supplies. You could hire an event planner, or children’s entertainer, but party planners and party entertainers are expensive. What if your child hates the entertainer and just clings to your legs the whole time?

This is what you could do about it…

Buy a Squidgydoodle Party Box. You can choose from different party themes. The party boxes include everything you need to run a fun, creative, arty party that your child will love. It’s cheaper than hiring an entertainer, but without the hassle of organising it yourself.

All activities encourage children to get hands on, use their imaginations and explore the world of art in a fun and engaging way.

‘Little Ankle Biters’ Party Box Review


Sensory activity from the Pirate Party Box

What’s included in a Party Box?

Each Squidgydoodle Party Box includes 4 themed art and sensory activities, plus all the equipment you need. A printable invitation, themed party game ideastop tips for running a party, table/floor coverings and thank you notelets are also included.

Convenience and simplicity are the name of the (very well-planned) game here, and it’s truly a life saver.

‘Little Ankle Biters’ Party Box Review


Fairy Party Box contents

Party Box Themes

How does it work?

  1. Place your order.
  2. Receive a printable invitation by email.
  3. Invite your child’s friends.
  4. Sit back and wait whilst we carefully create your party and pack your box.
  5. We’ll get in touch when it’s ready to discuss delivery.
  6. Open the box and set out the activities and equipment, using the instructions provided.
  7. Watch your child having fun with their friends!

If, like us, the thought of planning a birthday party for your little cherub leaves you cradling a bottle of wine in the corner of a room, then a Squidgydoodle party box could just be the answer to all your prayers. The concept is genius. You get a party box sent to your house, and in the box is everything you need to entertain your little party guests based around your chosen theme.

‘Little Ankle Biters’ Party Box Review

Not sure?

Try a Squidgydoodle craft box first. Buy a Squidgydoodle craft box for £11.99 If you decide to buy a Squidgydoodle Party Box I will refund you the cost of the craft box. The craft box will give you an idea of the quality and type of activities which you will find in a party box.


Unicorns & Rainbows Paint Free Craft Box

What do other people think?

Stress free

In our eyes, Squidgydoodle is the Mary Poppins of the party world, and their boxes will certainly leave your party guests feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

‘Little Ankle Biters’ Party Box Review


On party day, you just need to set the activities up and leave the children to unleash their creativity!

‘Little Ankle Biters’ Party Box Review

Good value for money

It may cross your mind as you browse over the activities if it is indeed worth £80 for a themed craft party box; could you do it yourself instead? But then you look at the wide variety of papers and cards used and the delicate cut out shapes and the equipment needed for printing and preparing of it all and the time and effort that it would take to source all of the items and you realise that it is indeed completely worth the money. This is no bog-standard arty party box, it’s a personalised well thought out and balanced collection of craft items all planned out for you, taking out the stress of trying to arrange it all yourself.

‘What’s Good to do’ Party Box Review

Great party

Debbie has obviously put her heart and soul into this business and it shines through; she’s thought of everything. The activities have been tailored to create a balance between loud roaring messiness, delicate skill and concentration and tranquil calmness. This lady is a genius! We could all do with a Debbie at our party but the next best thing is one of her Squidgydoodle Party Boxes.


Without a doubt a 5 star item that will guarantee extra smiles on the faces of the children at your party.

‘What’s Good to do’ Party Box Review


Imagine how great it would be to not have to panic about your kid’s birthday party.

Sit back and relax whilst you wait for the party box to be delivered straight to your door.

You’ve sorted the kid’s birthday party, now you just need a birthday party venue, party decorations and party food. Have a look at these blog posts which might help.

Party venue

Themed party guides

Take a look at my Pinterest Party Boards. I’ve also created party guides for each of the Party Box themes, which include food, decoration and game ideas.

Party planning

I hope that helps. If you’re still not sure or have any questions please just get in touch. I’d love to chat to you about it.


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