Hi, I’m Debbie, A mum to two lively little people who love nothing more than drawing, painting, sculpting, glueing or just getting messy!

I have a background in art and design and have always enjoyed creating kids craft ideas with my children. Following lots of experimenting with my little ones, I launched an Art and Sensory business in 2015, running children’s workshops and parties. Squidgydoodle was born because parents were saying that they wished they could do more creative activities at home, struggled to come up with ideas, didn’t have all the art equipment they needed and wanted imaginative activities which their children could do themselves.

On those weekends or days when leaving the house is not possible, Squidgydoodle craft boxes are here to encourage those amazing imaginations of the little people in your life. Need to go somewhere?  Take your Squidgydoodle craft box with you and enjoy the fun wherever you go!

If you feel like partying, share the Squidgydoodle fun with your friends! Squidgydoodle Party Boxes are a fun, creative, hassle free, cheaper alternative to a party entertainer.


Little people have these fantastic imaginations which aren’t restricted by a lifetime of boundaries. Those little people are going to be the big people of tomorrow. At Squidgydoodle we want to help you capture the creativity that they have now, sprinkle it with glitter, water it with rainbow rain and help it grow! You can find out more about the benefits of art and sensory activities for your little ones here

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In our eyes, Squidgydoodle is the Mary Poppins of the party world, and their boxes will certainly leave your party guests feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

All (Pirate party box) activities encourage children to get hands on, use their imaginations and explore the world of art in a fun and engaging way. Our kids loved creating their own pirates and even came up with names and a back story describing their characters and things they like.

The box comes with everything you need to throw an incredible child’s party, guaranteed to keep kiddies busy and happy. All of the materials needed for the activities are provided, so no more rummaging around for dried up glue sticks and crusty paint pots. Convenience and simplicity are the name of the (very well-planned) game here, and it’s truly a life saver. There are clear instructions for the activities and suggested games which are easy to follow and help keep the party moving.

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