Encouraging imaginative play – Interview with Mini Mad Things

I love seeing the world through the eyes of children. It’s a magical place full of adventure. Squidgydoodle is all about nurturing children’s imaginations, so when I discovered ‘Mini Mad Things’ on Instagram,  I began excitedly following their journey. Find out why imaginative play is so important and how ‘Mini Mad Things’ encourage it.

Eleanor, the brains behind ‘Mini Mad Things’, has just launched an online store selling the most gorgeous fancy dress costumes and accessories. They’re ethically produced and designed to inspire imaginative play. They’re based in Australia, but don’t panic, as they ship internationally.

So, Eleanor, what inspired you to launch Mini Mad Things?

The inspiration for MINI MAD THINGS is my own mini mad thing, my now 4 year old little boy. It all began 2 years ago when I made him some fancy dress costumes for Halloween, the first costumes were a dinosaur and some butterfly wings. He still loves and plays with these costumes regularly 2 years on. It was the classic story of friends seeing the costumes, loving them and wanting to buy them that inspired me to launch MINI MAD THINGS.

Why do you think imaginative play is so important?

Young children learn by imagining and doing. The process of pretending helps grow skills in many essential developmental areas.

Social interaction at a young age is the basis of healthy relationship building. Cooperative play helps foster empathy and understanding of others feelings. Playing develops language skills; cognitive, creative and critical thinking abilities that will be useful in every aspect of their lives. And it’s fun!

Your costumes and accessories are all about encouraging imagination. If you could be something, or someone else what would you be?

I thought about this question a lot, other than a slight hankering to be a pirate, I am actually very content with exactly who I am. I love being a mum to my two crazy munchkins and using my creativity everyday to bring fun into theirs and the lives of other children. Part of the MINI MAD THINGS website is a craft blog with inspiration for activities to do with your little ones so in our house we are always making a mess and getting crafty making something fun!

What are your plans for Mini Mad Things?

It’s all go in the Mini Mad workshop for the rest of the year, I’m developing some more costume designs, there will be a robot, a squid and a monster coming soon along with some more fun jewellery designs.

We are taking part in Finders Keepers Markets in both Sydney and Melbourne later in the year, so if you would like to see the costumes in person come and say hello!

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