How to use glitter without making mess!
My children love using glitter! It is usually several hours later, when I’ve been out in public that I realise that my nose is covered in it, due to their love of Eskimo kisses!
Please note that lots of glitter is made from non-biodegradable materials which are bad for the environment. There are plenty of biodegradable glitter alternatives now available, here’s a round-up of some eco-friendly glitters that are available in the UK.
Parents often mention that they have a glitter ban at home. As beautiful as it can be it’s a complete pain to clear up. Kids love it though, so here are my:

Top tips for how to use glitter without making a mess:

  • Preparation is key
  • Do it outside – If the weather is good, glitter outside. That way you don’t need to worry at all about the mess!
  • Folded paper method: Place a large piece of paper that has been folded into quarters and unfolded under where you are glittering. This means that when you’ve finished, you can gently fold the edges in, creating a pile of glitter in the centre. Then tip it back into the pot, using the paper as a funnel.
  • Tray method: If you don’t have a large piece of paper, glitter over a tray. It’s not so easy to pour back into the pot, but it limits the spread!
  • Paper bag method: If you don’t want any glitter spread at all and are glittering a small item, use the paper bag method:
  1. Pour glitter into your paper bag
  2. Add glue to your item
  3. Put it in the bag
  4. Seal the bag
  5. Shake it
  6. Remove your glittered item

    The glitter that got away…

  • Lint roller – If some pesky glitter manages to escape, despite your best efforts to keep it under control, use a lint roller to pick it up.
  • Playdough – A great suggestion from Happi Crafts is to pick it up using playdough! Then you can start creating with some fabulously glittery playdough afterwards! You can find a homemade playdough recipe here.

I hope that the ideas above encourage you to remove the glitter ban and accept it into your home. Your children will love you for it! You can encourage them to make some great gifts, or cards for friends and relatives that have annoyed you and post the glittered items to them!

If you still can’t cope with glitter, you could add it to glue, or paint, so that it can be enjoyed without making a mess. Or put it inside a sensory bottle, Little Bins for Little Hands has put together a guide of how to make a glittery sensory bottle. Find out more about the benefits of sensory play in my blog post.

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