Fun Father’s Day Gift For Your Child’s Superhero

Do you struggle to think of a fun Father’s Day gift?

There’s the usual options of socks, aftershave, a mug, or sweets. They’re not much fun though and year after year they can get a bit boring! My kid’s Dad often buys the things that he wants when he sees them, or he wants something that exceeds the budget!

Give the gift of time

Who is your child’s superhero? My kids’ superhero is their Dad. I think mine is too. My kids love spending some quality time with their Dad. So if you’re looking for a fun Father’s Day gift that gives so much more than socks, buy a Squidgydoodle Superhero Adventure Craft Box.

Give the gift of fun

Every Dad secretly wants to play superheroes, so he can fulfil his dreams whilst your child gets to spend some time making happy memories with him. Together they can become superheroes for the day, creating a superhero mask, then attacking the evil villain. They can paint their POW! sign, then ‘bash the baddie’ by splat painting him. Will they save the day and manage to pull the stretchy man from the slime?

You might want to buy two Superhero Craft Boxes, so that there’s no arguing over who is wearing the Superhero mask and saving the stretchy man from the slime!

Decorating, painting, splatting and squidging, what tremendous fun! – Merith’s Miscellany Blog

The Superhero Adventure Craft Box contains everything you need for 4 themed art and sensory activities. No need to search for paint and glue, only to discover it’s run out. You don’t even need to be in when it arrives as it’s letter-box friendly.

Are cars more his thing?

If your child’s Dad is more into cars, take a look at the Squidgydoodle Holiday Fun Craft Box. You take to the road in a sports car, discover a beautiful butterfly along the way, then end the road trip with an ice-cream and some painting with an ice lolly!

How much do Squidgydoodle Craft Boxes cost?

Squidgydoodle Craft Boxes are just £12. It includes free shipping, plus all the materials you need for the 4 themed art and sensory activities.

Sounds great, how do I buy one?

Just click on the links below to go straight to my shop.

Superhero Adventure Craft Box

  • Superhero mask
  • POW! pointillism
  • ‘Bash the baddie’ splat painting
  • Slime & stretchy man

Holiday Fun Craft Box

  • Painting with a car
  • Coffee filter butterfly
  • Ice-cream pointillism
  • Ice-lolly painting

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