Easy Valentines Art and Sensory Ideas

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought I’d share some ‘Easy Valentines Art and Sensory Ideas’ which you can try at home.

Easy Valentines Art and Sensory Ideas:

Squish painted heart

Cut a paper heart shape and fold it in half, vertically. Unfold it then put some paint on one side of the heart. Fold it shut and then squish the paint with your fingers, covering the heart. Carefully open the heart to discover your squish painted heart!

Toilet roll painted heart

Pinch a toilet roll into a heart shape, by creating a point at the bottom and then pushing the top of the toilet roll inwards, to create the two rounded sections of the heart. Dip the toilet roll heart in paint and then print with it.

Doily heart sponge painting

Sponge print paint over a heart shaped doily. Carefully peel away the doily to reveal a heart shaped print.

Fluffy Valentines Slime

This fluffy slime is really quick and easy to make and great fun! You can watch my video recipe for Fluffy Valentines Slime on my YouTube channel. Make sure you use Saline Solution which contains boric acid and sodium borate. I used this contact lens solution from Amazon (NB: I do not gain any financial benefit from you purchasing this product. It is solely the product that I used to make the slime shown in the video.)

I hope you like my ‘Easy Valentines Day Art and Sensory Ideas’. I’d love to see your creations if you try any of them at home, so don’t forget to tag me @squidgydoodle or #squidgydoodle on Instagram or Facebook, or @SquidgydoodleHQ on Twitter.

If you’re looking for more sensory ideas for Valentines Day, you could use my 20 Red Nose Day Sensory Bin Ideas as it’s packed full of red themed ideas. You can find out more about the benefits of sensory play in my blog post.


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