DIY Christmas gifts and decorations your kids can make

Christmas is rapidly approaching! Do you have a Christmas tradition of making DIY Christmas gifts and decorations together? My kids and I are sharing some ideas of kid made DIY Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations. You can check out the video demonstrations on my YouTube channel or on the Squidgydoodle Facebook page

DIY Christmas gifts and decorations:

I think kid made mugs make the best DIY Christmas gifts as they get used regularly and remind the recipient of the child that made them. These marbled mugs are really simple and quick to make, but very effective and would make a great Christmas gift. If you give your children Christmas Eve Boxes your kids could make marbled mugs as one of the activities from their Christmas Eve Box, then fill it with hot chocolate! You just need: a mug, some nail varnish, a toothpick and some warm water.

Top tips:
  1. Hold the nail varnish close to the water, so that it doesn’t just drop to the bottom of the bowl.
  2. Don’t use quick drying nail varnish – as it will dry before you dip your mug!
  3. You can use nail varnish remover, to take the marbling off the bottom of the mug, or anywhere else you don’t want it.
  4. Dip quickly. You can dip at an angle and re-dip if you want more layers.

I bought our mugs from Argos, as a pack of six. I also bought some dishwasher safe Mod Podge from Amazon, but you don’t have to coat them with Mod Podge. Just hand wash them rather than putting them in the dishwasher.

NB: I do not gain any financial benefit from suggesting the products above.

If you know someone who loves reading books these would be a great kid made DIY Christmas gift. You just need: a plastic milk jug, some sharpie pens and some rubbing alcohol.

Top tips:
  1. Make sure that you leave the bookmark on a flat surface whilst it dries, otherwise the colour will run off
  2. It works best if you colour the whole bookmark
  3. You could use a hole punch to make a hole in the end and thread some ribbon and a bead onto it

A really simple kid made Christmas decoration, which looks really pretty on the Christmas tree. You can add glitter and pom poms too. You just need: pine cones, paint, glue, glitter, pom poms and thread.

Top tips:
  1. If you add hanging thread first it makes it easier to hold the pinecone whilst you paint, so you don’t get such messy hands!
  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes
  • You may have made paper snowflakes as a child. This is an alternative version, which uses coffee filters, felt pens and some water. The youngest of children can make them, they may just need a bit of help with the cutting. It makes beautiful coloured snowflakes which you can put up as a Christmas decoration.
Top tips:
  1. Colour as much of the coffee filter as you can
  2. Put the snowflakes onto some clingfilm, or a tray before you add the water, so that you can move it to where you want to leave it to dry, as it will be fragile when wet

If you’d like to make some more Christmas Crafts with your kids, you could buy one of my Winter Wonderland Craft Boxes. It includes everything you need for 4 art activities including fake snow!

These snowflake coasters are really easy to make and look great. You could give them as a DIY Christmas gift, along with a Marbled mug. We bought our cork coasters from Baker Ross.

Top tips:
  1. When making a snowflake template, make it a little larger than the coaster, so that you have an easy edge to peel off.
  2. Use spray mount to stick the template to the coaster, so that it is easy to remove
  3. You can mix water and PVA glue to create a varnish, to seal the painted coaster with



Thimble and Twig


  • Jenny Posted December 15, 2017 2:19 pm

    The coffee filter snowflakes are so cute! #littlemakes

    • Debbie Denyer Posted January 4, 2018 12:56 pm

      Thank you! They’re so much fun to make and look amazing!

  • Fee – One of Posted December 15, 2017 5:32 pm

    These are all so so cute but I think I like the bookmarks best. Wouldn’t they make a fab gift for the kids teachers too! ! Thanks for joining in #christmaslittlemakes

    • Debbie Denyer Posted January 4, 2018 12:57 pm

      Thanks Fee. Everyone has ended up with one as a Christmas present from the kids!

  • Jemma Posted December 21, 2017 9:42 pm

    Gosh – thos mugs are stunning! These are a great set of gift ideas – kids love making gifts for others. #littlemakes

    • Debbie Denyer Posted December 23, 2017 6:00 pm

      Thanks Jemma! They turned out beautifully didn’t they? They’re so quick and easy to make too. They’re now wrapped up, ready to give to relatives.

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