Tired of searching for birthday cake ideas?

Your child’s birthday is around the corner and you’re desperately searching for birthday cake ideas which you can actually make.

When we’re planning a birthday party, one of the main priorities for my kids is what birthday cake they’re going to have. I usually spend hours searching Pinterest for birthday cake ideas, then have a panic as I can’t re-create the vision that my child has picked!

My Instagram feed has recently been filled with mouthwatering cakes from a fab new local business Bakerbones Cakes, in Amersham. As I’m all about stress free parties, I decided to find out a bit more about Kate from Baker Bones and why you should order from them for your next kids party.

What inspired you to start Bakerbones Cakes?

I have always loved baking (and eating!) cakes from a young age and decided to turn a hobby and something I love doing into a business.  As the saying goes, if you love what you do you’ll never do a days work… it’s very true!

What’s an early childhood baking memory?

I have lots of fond baking memories as a child.  My Nan used to pick me up from nursery on a Friday and would always have a freshly baked cake for my siblings and I to tuck into! My mum also used to make fantastic cakes for our birthdays, I remember one year it was an 8 carriage chocolate train cake!!

What do you like most about your job?

I love creating different designs and seeing the customer’s face when they come to collect their cakes.  It makes all the hours of work worthwhile!

What’s your worst baking or cooking disaster?

I think it’s fair to say my baking skills are definitely better than my cooking skills!! A few years ago I had the family over and was making a lovely stew for us all.  There was a loud bang suddenly and (to this day I’m still not 100% sure what went wrong!) when I walked into the kitchen the saucepan had exploded everywhere.  I couldn’t believe it.  There was orange sauce everywhere – I had to spend a good few hours scrubbing the walls and ceiling!

What’s always in your fridge?

Lots and lots of butter, chocolate and candy!  And usually a couple of cakes that are either chilling or waiting to be frosted!  I’m forever having to tell my husband to keep out of the fridge, I often catch him eyeing up the chocolate goodies!

Who would you most like to bake a cake for and why?

Hmm… I think I’d like Mary Berry to try one of my cakes, I’d love to hear what she has to say about them!

Which Bakerbones cake is the most popular?

The Oreo Chocolate Drip Cake is probably the most popular cake, and our most popular cupcake box is the ‘Ultimate Chocolate & Cookie’ Crumble box.

Why should people buy from you instead of a supermarket?

Our cakes and cupcakes are freshly made to order with natural ingredients and no nasty preservatives like many supermarket cakes.  We try to use the best ingredients where we can, such as organic flour and free range eggs. You can definitely taste the difference between a freshly made cake vs. a supermarket cake which is likely to have been sat on the shelf a few days before you buy it.  When you order from Bakerbones, you are sure to receive a delicious and fresh cake made just for you – and you’ll be supporting a
small local business along the way 🙂

So next time you’re contemplating searching for birthday cake ideas, get in touch with Bakerbones instead for a hassle free, yummy, freshly made cake. Here are their links:

Website: www.bakerbones.co.uk

Facebook (Bakerbones Cakes): https://www.facebook.com/Bakerbones/

Instagram: @bakerbonescakes

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