5 Process Art Ideas To Try At Home

I love process art. The focus is on the experience rather than the end result. You can still end up with an amazing creation, but what it’s going to look like at the end, isn’t what’s important. Children learn a lot through play, by discovering and exploring the world around them. They find out what happens if… and usually ask a lot of questions! Process art allows children to be themselves, there is no wrong or right way. I love art which allows children the freedom to create without feeling like they can’t do it, or they’ve done something wrong. So process art is perfect for kids, as it builds their confidence and sparks their imaginations.There are loads of benefits to process art, so I thought I’d give you some process art ideas to try at home.

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

5 Process Art ideas to try at home



Printing is a great process art activity. You can print with pretty much anything. Our favourites are lego bricks, kitchen utensils, fly-swats, gears and bubble wrap. You can make your own patterned rollers, by attaching bubble wrap, or foam shapes to a cardboard roll. Have you ever tried potato printing? How about printing with different vegetables, like peppers, corn on the cob, celery, lettuce? Or print with flowers and leaves.


Painting with balls

We love painting with balls! It’s a great way of containing the mess and having fun at the same time. It can be as simple as putting paper in a tupperware or cereal box with the side cut off, adding paint and rolling a marble around. You can try different balls to create different patterns, why not try a golf ball, a spikey ball, or a balloon filled with water? Or think big and use a paddling pool and a football!

Spin painting

Spin painting is always a great hit with kids. I think it’s the element of surprise that makes it so much fun. Plus you get to see how fast you can spin the salad spinner! You just put a circle of paper into a salad spinner and blu-tack it down, pour some paint into the centre of the paper, put the lid on and spin! 

Painting with magnets

Kids love the magic of magnets, so painting with them is great fun! Cut the side off a cereal box, then put a piece of paper in it. Find some metal items around the house and dip them into paint, then put them in your box. Wave a magnetic wand behind the box and watch as the metal objects paint a picture. It’s a good way of learning which metals are magnetic and which ones aren’t too!

Painting with bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles, so why not paint with them? You can buy bubble mix, or as a cheaper alternative you can make your own. Add some paint to some bubble mix, then pour it into a shallow bowl and blow into the bubble mixture. Take a piece of paper and gently lay it on top of the bowl to print the bubble pattern. If you’re worried about your little ones swallowing bubble mix you can use a balloon pump to make the bubbles.

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For more process art ideas take a look at the website of Meri Cherry. It’s an amazing resource, full of fun ideas.

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