20 Red Nose Day Sensory Bin Ideas!
Happy Red Nose Day! I thought to help celebrate Red Nose Day I’d give you 20 ideas for what you could put in a Red Nose Day sensory bin, as noses are all about smelling!

20 Ideas for a Red Nose Day Sensory Bin:

  1. Cranberries, strawberries or raspberries and water

    Think of the fun you could have catching them and then squishing them between your fingers! Add some cups and spoons to help scoop them up.

  2. Red coloured cloud dough

    I love the texture of cloud dough, and you can adjust the recipe to make it more or less mouldable. Check out Powerful Mothering’s instructions on how to make coloured cloud dough

  3. Red coloured bicarbonate of soda

    Mix a little bit of red paint with some Bicarbonate of soda mixed. Then give your child a bottle of vinegar mixed with a little bit of washing up liquid in it, to squirt onto the baking soda for some fantastic fizzy fun!

  4. Strawberry or Raspberry Jelly

    Imagine squelching your hands through it!

  5. Red coloured rice

    Check out eHow Mom Blog’s instructions for how to colour rice. You could also add some cups for scooping.

  6. Shaving foam and red paint

    Fill a deep tray, or bowl with shaving foam then let your little one whip it up with a whisk or their hands!

  7. Red pom poms 

  8. Coloured ice

    Just add red food colouring before you freeze the ice cubes.

  9. Dyed pasta

    Check out Learn Play Imagine’s instructions for how to dye dried pasta or Fun at Home with Kids’ instructions on how to dye cooked pasta

  10. Red feathers

    Before you give them the sensory bin you could hide things in the feathers for your child to find.

  11. Red pipe-cleaners

    You could add some beads for threading. It’s a great way to develop fine motor skills.

  12. Foam hearts

  13. Spaghetti and some red paint 

    You can either dye spaghetti red, by adding food colouring once it has been cooked. Or you could give your little one some plain spaghetti and squirt some red paint on it and let your little one dig their hands in and mix it up, or give them a paintbrush.

  14. Red balloons filled with flour, sand, rice, water

    Squish the balloons and try to discover what is inside each one.

  15. Red slime 

    You can find some slime video tutorials on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

  16. Flower petals

  17. Red lego

  18. Watermelon flesh

  19. Clear ice with water colour paint or food colouring

    Give your child a paintbrush, then let them paint the ice red.

  20. Red water beads, or tapioca pearls

    If your little one is likely to eat them use tapioca pearls as they’re edible. Check out Growing a Jeweled Rose’s instructions on how to dye tapioca pearls

I hope you liked my Red Nose Day Sensory bin ideas. Feel free to comment if you’ve got some other ideas! If you try any don’t forget to tag @squidgydoodle or #squidgydoodle in any photos you share.
You can find out more about the benefits of sensory play in my blog post.
For other ideas of how kids can get involved in Red Nose Day check out their website. There are games, jokes, a money box to print out and make and loads more!

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