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What do you think?

We definitely enjoyed our Squidgydoodle box. It provided us with a whole morning of Superhero fun, and was a success all round!

No trawling Pinterest for new ideas to keep your craft mad child happy, no finding out you've run out of paint. Just 4 great crafts, all in one box with clear instructions.

These are great little boxes, that I guarantee your little ones will love.

I joined in and made a POW as well - I actually found it quite relaxing!

Decorating, painting, splatting and squidging, what tremendous fun!

The children had a massive amount of fun completing the craft activities. They were incredibly proud of their creations too (and rightly so!)

We loved the range of different craft activities in the box. Each with its own set of easy to follow instructions.

Call me a lazy parent, but I don't have the time or the inclination to scour shops and internet for a well balanced afternoon of creativity. Here you've got paint, accessories, supplies, instructions, all put together neatly and thoughtfully.

The instructions are clear so that older children have no trouble following the instructions by themselves.

Bravo, Squidgydoodle for your fabulous boxes and I look forward to enjoying many creative days ahead with our daughter!