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Finlay (4) really enjoyed his Winter Wonderland box. He was amazed he could make his own snow! What I found especially great is there are no set rules, Finlay is definitely his own person and likes to do what he wants. Sometimes we have found craft boxes to be a little bit too rigid for him in how things need to be made and can end up in tantrums. This box was great though, everything is there with a suggestion, but he was free to do what he wanted – Perfect! A great little box, with lovely creative activities for the little ones!

My boys aged 7, 5 and 3 loved getting creative with their box! I was impressed that whilst there are suggestions of activities, Debbie has allowed for individual creativity too. I highly recommend this craft box.

Lovely box. My kids aged 9 And 6 shared the box and could follow all instructions by themselves- great entertainment to keep them busy!!! Lovely activities that were a little different too- such as making your own snow! Great gift idea as well.

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